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Pinned topic SDMC backup tooks hours and did not finish

‏2011-08-09T06:19:57Z |
Tried to backup my SDMC with the backup command, but it took the whole night and did not finish yet, so I did cancel the process.

But I could see 30 MB/s transfer rates all the time and the file size on the destination system was always zero?

Used command:
backup -l sftp -s pse1 -d /export/nim/sdmc/backup/sdmc2 -u $USER -p $PASSWORD

File Size on the destination server always "0"
/export/nim/sdmc/backup/sdmc2 # ls -l
total 0
-rw-r--r-- 1 root system 0 08 Aug 18:15 20110808121024.tar.gz
/export/nim/sdmc/backup/sdmc2 # date
Mo 8 Aug 22:39:43 2011

Any ideas what the problem could be?

What is the recommended way to backup and restore the SDMC? But please not in days!

My SDMC version installed:
sysadmin@sdmc2:~> lsconfig -V
"version= Version: 6
Release: 730
Service Pack: 0
SDMC Build level 1.Thu May 12 10:04:41 CST 2011
PSM Build Level 20110715.1
DPSM Build Level 20110715.1
MF53082: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (06-15-2011)
MF53525: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (06-30-2011)
MF53657: Required fix for SDMC V6R730 (07-15-2011)

Best Regards,

Udo Sachs
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    Re: SDMC backup tooks hours and did not finish

    The command you're using appears to be correct. Please contact support so they can gather needed logs to debug the problem.