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Pinned topic Welcome to the WebSphere sMash forum (formerly forums)

‏2011-08-05T14:22:56Z |

As you can see, we have moved our forum from to IBM developerWorks for ease of hosting and consistency with other WebSphere products. The old projectzero forum posts have been migrated but there are differences in systems, userids, links, search indices, etc... that come with a change like this - we've made efforts to minimize those but we'll learn more as we use the new (to us) developerWorks forum. Reading these forums is still open to anyone, but in order to post in the developerWorks forums you will need an IBM ID. We suspect that most of our Project Zero community members already have IBM IDs, but if you do not, please follow the "Sign in or register" link at the top of this page. All userids and associated data will be deleted.

We plan to keep this forum online until December 31, 2011, and will announce any changes to that plan here.