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Pinned topic Implementing freezing with IloTableFreezeHook

‏2011-08-05T08:13:15Z |
Where can I find more information on implementing freezing with IloTableFreezeHook, in addition to the documentation? Is there an example in the distribution where IloTableFreezeHook is used to implement freezing? Thanks, Susara.
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    Re: Implementing freezing with IloTableFreezeHook

    The Nurse demo is using IloTableFreezeHook on view Assignements that is an ArrayView2D.
    Below the view declaration with the freeze hook:

    <view id="Assignments">
    <arrayView2D tableId="app.NURSE_ASSIGNMENTS" columnId="VALUE">
    <foreignKeyRange foreignKeyId="FK_1_SHIFTS">
    <columnDisplay columnId="DEPARTMENT" display="Department"/>
    <columnDisplay columnId="DAY" display="Day"/>
    <columnDisplay columnId="START_TIME" display="Start Time"/>
    <columnDisplay columnId="END_TIME" display="End Time"/>
    <foreignKeyRange foreignKeyId="FK_0_NURSES">
    <columnDisplay columnId="NAME" display="Nurse"/>
    <tableHook class="ilog.hook.IloTableFreezeHook">
    <section name="section1">
    <arg name="outputTableId" value="app.NURSE_ASSIGNMENTS"/>
    <arg name="outputColumnId" value="VALUE"/>
    <arg name="freezeTableId" value="app.REQUIRED_ASSIGNMENTS"/>
    <arg name="freezeColumnId" value="BOOL_VALUE"/>