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Pinned topic errors on load to DB2

‏2011-08-05T04:11:00Z |
What is the best way to validate that data has been successfully unloaded from the source database? I have run into an issue where it appears the flat file being generated does not contain all the rows the source Oracle database has.

Also, how can you capture any load errors when running the db2load.sql script? The output from that script shows some records rejected, but there is nothing showing in the IBMDataMovementTool.log or IBMDataMovementToolError.log.
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    Re: errors on load to DB2

    You need to investigate why a table is failing. Check the table defintion of the orignal database to the DB2 table, then look at the rows that failed. The tool won't solve all your problems - just most of them!

    I have just been thru this and generally it relates to CLOBs or Varchars. Once you get the table definitions correct, then it will work. I have had to extrac and load some tables manually that had BLOB and CLOB colums