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Pinned topic Bad Properties data format in nodemanager startup on HP Unix Machine

‏2011-08-04T19:47:17Z |
Hi Friends

I am facing a problem with the node manager on HP Unix machine. I created a domain in weblogic server and I enrolled it with the node manager. Actually, unexpectedly I enrolled the domain twice with the same node manager. Next, I started the admin server and the node manager both. Both are starting properly. now, I created a managed server. At this stage the managed server status is showing SHUTDOWN. Now, I created a machine and associated that Managed Server to that machine. Since I was starting the node manager in unix machine, I changed the file such that the listener port is 5557 and in weblogic admin console, I specified the nodemanager type as SSL instead of plain and port as 5557 which i specified in properties file. Initially, the managed server was loading properly. But once I enrolled second time, from that point onwards, I am getting an exception of Bad properties data format whenever I am trying to start the managed server and also now managed server status is showing as UNKNOWN. even I stopped the node manager and restarted again and in admin console, it is saying node manager is reachable but when I try to load the managed server, it is throwing the above specified error and the status of Managed Server is saying UNKNOWN. Please help how to solve this problem. Please note all this is happening in the Unix machine. Please help as this is very very critical for the project deadline.

Please explain me step by step how to solve this. Early response is appreciated. Please help friends.