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Pinned topic GET and POST with PHP

‏2011-07-27T19:44:34Z |
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Originally posted by projectzero userid: AtomicBuni - f=4&t=2332#p9438
I have an application that I'm writing that uses mostly PHP through PDO allow some queries to run against a DB2 database.

I'm getting errors when attempting to access the $_POST and $_GET variables through PHP. Is this simply a global that was left out the zero implementation of PHP by removing these accessors to GET and POST methods?

The error I'm getting is :
Call to undefined function get_magic_quotes_gpc()

when attempting to assign a variable like so:

$variable = $_POST[

If this is an unsupported method of fetching variables from the returned request, can someone suggest a better/ proper method to get these variables into PHP using zero.

Thanks in advance.