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‏2011-07-20T15:32:07Z |
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Originally posted by projectzero userid: tali - f=4&t=2330#p9435
I followed the instructions for connecting to JMS from:

==> Include the zero.connection.jms dependency in your application ivy.xml.
Include the JMS provider's client implementation and javax.jms.* interface definitions to the application, either by adding another dependency or by placing the client JARs in the application lib directory.
Configure the JMS provider connection factories and destinations to make them available to the application using the Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API.
Configure the application zero.config with the information required to enable it to locate the connection factories and destinations using JNDI.

In particular, in the zero.config I wrote the following:

<br/> /config/connection/destinations += 
"msgQueue" : 
"connection" : 
"protocol" : 
"config" : 
"connectionConfig" : 
"destination" : 
"timeout" : 50000 # timeout 

for GET operation<br/> 
}<br/> <br/> /config/connection/jms/myConnection = 
"initialContextFactory" : 
"providerUrl" : 
"connectionFactory" : 

However, when I tried to get a message with the following code:


{<br/> Connection.doGET(

catch (Exception e) 
// GET operation failed.<br/> 

I got the following exception:
color=#FF0040:3denplkg zero.core.connection.engine.TransportFactory::getTransport Thread-1
SEVERE [ CWPZC1114E: Transport for protocol "jms" could not be located. [/color:3denplkg]

Would highly appreciate any help with it! thanks!