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Pinned topic Smash License and Virtualization / Smash in a Cloud

‏2011-07-18T19:52:55Z |
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Originally posted by projectzero userid: falbriard - f=4&t=2329#p9434
I'd like to know what is the definition of a "server" in the context of the Smash software license policy. To my understanding, the open license supports up to four parallel Smash processes in one single operating system.

What does it mean case the base system use a virtualization technique, like for example a "cloud" that is build on z/VM operating system running with multiple Linux SLES kernels, not one or two, but maybe 300 our 500 virtual servers indeed a "cloud".

How does a cloud solution count regarding the requirement for software licenses? Is it a single license for each hosted kernel, or is it a process that runs hundred of times in one physical server?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.