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Originally posted by projectzero userid: adiaz - f=4&t=1063#p4434

I have protected an application with Form authentication and everything works fine. But, What I need to do in order to expire the sessions of those users that login through my form ? I have tried with:
/config/userZone/idleTimeout=5  <br/>

but doesnt work.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Securty Authentication Timeout


    Originally posted by projectzero userid: todkap - f=4&t=1063#p4436
    Not sure which type of timeout you are looking for since the subject talks about authentication timeout (I would assume logout functionality) and the body talks about session (asuming you mean session invalidation)

    If you want to expire sessions, please refer to this section of the Developer's Guide which discusses the user zone and also a command called invalidate.

    If you want to log a user out that is leveraging form based authentication, please refer to this section of the Developer's Guide which discusses how to define a handler for logging out or if you would prefer to expire sessions at the same time as logging out, one could leverage the programmatic logout support also detailed on this page.
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