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Pinned topic QOS (Quality Of Service) for HEA (LHEA for logical partition)

‏2011-08-04T16:21:43Z |
Dear All,

Can we configure the Quality of Service (QoS) priority of a LHEA of a running logical partition?

My question is: An LHEA allows the logical partition to connect to external networks directly through the HEA.If we create 10 multiple LHEAs for 10 logical partitions, how can we make sure (or how to do ?)each LHEA have the same QOS (Quality of Service)through one HEA physiacl port ?

i.e.: 1 10Gb HEA physical port, 10 logical partitions with 10 LHEAs independent, Can we or how do we setup QOS for each lpar with 1 Gb bandwidth ?

Thanks for your advise and help.

Best Regards,
  • Rex