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‏2011-08-04T09:50:43Z |
Hi All

Please could somebody assist me. I am a consultant relatively new to Cognos controller and would appreciate assistance in setting up this structure.

The company structure i am trying to create is in the attachment.

The SIL consolidation includes both Emfuleni and RAH. However, Emfuleni is also included in RAH. The attachment refers. In this case, the solution should –
Reverse-out any Emfuleni equity accounting in the RAH figures.
Calculate the minorities at SIL level (11% in the above example).
I have created a structure with a RAH Group. I have linked Emfuleni with E method and 15% to the RAH Group. I have also attached Emfuleni to the SIL group at 80% P method.

I am however not getting the right answer. Anything i need to do or am forgetting??