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Pinned topic And what about WebSphere 8.0 for Z/OS ?

‏2011-08-02T09:57:32Z |

we have already tested the Beta product of Websphere v80 for Z/OS. And now, we have to install the newer version ( commercial )but we have some question.

During the Beta Program :
  • it was possible to have the repository in zip format :

  • it was possible to have the repository in XMIT format :

And now ?? Where is the repository fo WebSphere v80 for Z/OS ? We don't want to use SMP/E and we want to try to install the product with IIM.

In shopzSeries website, it's possible to get a CBPDO file and nothing has changed since WAS 6.1 !
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    Re: And what about WebSphere 8.0 for Z/OS ?


    For entitlement reasons, the initial product repository for WAS V8 on z/OS must be installed with SMP/E. It can be ordered as either a CBPDO or a ServerPac, and will include both the IM install kit (HGIN140) and the WAS V8 repository (HBBO800), along with installation instructions telling you how to set up and the repository AND use Installation Manager to create copy of the WAS V8 code.

    Once you have the initial product repository on your system, you can use the Web-based service repository, or zip file downloads, to perform all future WAS V8 maintenance and upgrades on z/OS.

    Jeff Mierzejewski
    WebSphere Application Server V8 Installation and Configuration