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Pinned topic v7000 Error Code 1625 Incorrect controller configuration

‏2011-07-29T13:45:03Z |
So I got a v7000 and a DS4300 virtualized, was working fine for a few months..

I added an expansion array to the DS4300, made sure firmware up to date on the ESM on that expansion. I created a RAID 5 array with one LUN. I then mapped it to the 7000

I added it to an existing storage pool that had other disks from the ds4300. Though not the same size as the disks in that pool.

About 12 hours later I get this warning and keeps repeating every 4 hours

Error 1625 Incorrect storage system configuration type Mapping problem LU 16 MD 17

I called IBM support and been on the phone with them for hours, still no resolution what it is, they think it has something to do with the brocade switch and the port the DS4300 uses.
Anyone ever seen anything like this? I looked it up on IBM and said it sees mdisks but config not recommended to use, so not sure if it safe to keep using as is? Or how to remedy it?

I thought maybe someone has seen this??

Thanks in advance
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    Re: v7000 Error Code 1625 Incorrect controller configuration

    1625 is telling you that the V7000 is not seeing balanced paths to access the LUN.
    As you have recently added a new LUN to a pool, I would recommend checking the mapping in the DS4300 to ensure you have defined all path to the V7000.
    The V7000 brings this to your attention, because when an active path fails, or perhaps the DS4300 controller fails, you may lose access to the LUN, which in turn would result in taking the pool offline.
    You need to review your configuration of the paths between the V7000 and the DS4300 and ensure the same number of ports on each v7000 node canister can see the same ports on the target DS4300 and that the LUN is presented on all those paths.
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    Re: v7000 Error Code 1625 Incorrect controller configuration

    Thank you that helped!