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can you please explain the step by step installation process
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    Re: Step by Step Installation WAS v8.0

    At a high level, the steps are:

    01. Download IBM Installation Manager.
    02. Install IBM Installation Manager.
    03. Launch IBM Installation Manager, then click the install icon.
    04. Select the product package to install (such as WebSphere Application Server v8 Trial) and complete the installation wizard.
    05. At the end of the installation wizard, choose to launch the Profile Management Tool (PMT)to configure the product.
    06. In the PMT, click the create button to create a profile for an application server environment.
    07. Complete the PMT profile creation wizard.
    08. At the end of the profile creation wizard, choose to launch the First Steps console.
    09. From the First Step console, choose to start the application server.
    10. Once the application server starts, click the Administrative console link in the First Steps console to launch your default browser and access the admin console.
    For articles with more detailed steps, visit the WebSphere Application Server v8 Information Center:
    WAS v8 Information Center =

    Which has an article that outlines this same scenario and other more advances ones, such as including an HTTP server in the topology.
    Getting Started - Planning the Installation =

    Or, I also wrote more detailed steps in this forum under the topic "How to install WAS 8 on 64 bit Solaris 10 after successfully installation" which actually applies to all platforms, not just Solaris.
    If you have specific issues or questions, then reply back.

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