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‏2011-07-28T16:39:29Z |
I have dashboard reports that are displayed in a Cognos Portal Page. On each of the reports I have JS code that executes the CognosLaunch script. The reports need to be refreshed within their own Portlet but the CognosLaunch refreshes the report in the entire page. The portal page is getting replaced with the report being refreshed. I can not figure out the right parameters to keep the reports within their own portlet. I have the same issue within Business Insight.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have spent several days trying to figure out the solution and am no closer today than I was when I started.

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    Re: cognosLaunch called within Viewer Portlet

    If your saying that you have multiple reports on seperate portlets within the portal page and that if you run one, it refreshes all other reports - if this is the case- then you could set the portal page to server side rendering. If it is set to client side it refreshes the whole page, but if it is set to server side, it only refreshes the portal that you have selected.

    Their is an issue with cognos and server side rendering. To resolve it, you could create an Iframe.