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Pinned topic Appscan Source - support for C++0x

‏2011-07-28T16:18:08Z |
I have so far been unable to scan any cpp files that use the latest gcc 4.6.1 standard library, including files that make use of some of the new C++0x features.
I was wondering whether this version of gcc is supported by Appscan Source, and whether C++0x is supported too.
Thank you.
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    Re: Appscan Source - support for C++0x

    At the present time we don't have support for C++0x. We are about to enter into a "roadmap planning" phase for the next release so I will bring this up.

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    Re: Appscan Source - support for C++0x

    Thank you. I look forward to the outcome of this roadmap for the next release.