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Where do we download local repositories for WSAS 8.0 Trial?
Our Env. doesn't have access to internet.
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Download Local repositories

    Local repositories can be created using the companion tool for Installation Manager called Packaging Utility (PU). What PU is intended to do is to download and recreate a remote repository at a local location. Or, in real world terms, it downloads the code from IBM and creates a repository on your own machine which can then be used locally.

    Installation Manager can use a PU created repository to do installations. The PU created repository can be hosted locally in a number of ways, such as http or https, ftp, a shared network drive or mount point, a directory on a local machine, or even a piece of fixed media like cd or dvd. Therefore, PU enables downloading the code one time and then making it available within your business or across multiple computers without having to repeatedly download the source code from IBM. Another benefit of creating local repositories is that if affords the IT support team within your business to control what is in those repositories and consequently what is available for installation. So, for example, if you want users in your business to only use a particular product at the Fix Pack 3 level, even though higher fix pack levels might be available, then the local repository could be maintained at the Fix Pack 3 level.

    Here are a few links to more information about the Packaging Utility:

    IBM Packaging Utility Overview -->

    IBM Packaging Utility Download -->

    IBM Packaging Utility Information Center (a subset of the Installation Manager Information Center) -->

    Or directly -->

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