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Pinned topic KVM on POWER 4

‏2011-07-28T11:25:32Z |
Hi all,

We have a couple of POWER 4 machines running with RHEL 5.5.
Can we enable KVM for virtualization support, on these machines ?

It looks like the default kernel 2.6.18 that comes with RHEL 5.5, does not have the necessary KVM modules. Do we have to recompile the kernel for enabling them ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    Re: KVM on POWER 4

    KVM is not presently supported on IBM Power Systems hardware. However, as you may have seen, that work is underway in the KVM community. See for a few more details.

    Given that this work is still underway, it's hard to answer precisely what systems may be supported when the work is complete. However, it is unlikely that the POWER4 platform -- which is now about 10 years old -- will be enabled.