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Pinned topic WAS v8 Trial installation issues

‏2011-07-26T20:20:26Z |
Hi All,

I am attempting to install WAS v8 Trail but I'm having problems. Each time I attempt to install I get the the following error message:
"Enter an installation directory with granted write permissions."

I'm using Windows XP Professional and I'm selecting the defaults for the Installation directory (C:\Program Files\ibm\WebSphere\AppServer). This message appears at the Install Packages of Installation Manager. What makes this problem even more puzzling is, if I remove a few characters from the installation directory name (AppS vs AppServer) the message goes away, then reappears as the cause of the installation failure.

Here are some specs for my system:

Windows XP Professional (SP3) 32-bit
Installation Manager 1.4.4
WAS Trail v8
Admin User Permission

Any Suggestions?

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    Scott Johnston
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    Re: WAS v8 Trial installation issues

    I have not seen this error happen before unless there is an issue with user permissions.

    I discussed this with issue with the installation team for both WebSphere Application Server and IBM Installation Manager. Their only suggestion was to make sure that the user account that is running Installation Manager has full permissions to read and write to the target directory for the installation. If the directory does not already exist, then Installation Manager has to create it. If this is the case, then the checking is more extensive and IM verifies that the user account has write permissions to the parent level directory.

    If you verified that the user account running IM has sufficient permissions and are still receiving the error. Then we need to find out more about how Installation Manager was installed.

    - Did the user account which did the IM installation belong to the Administrator group, or a non-administrator group?
    - Was IM installed for an administrator (using install.exe) or for a single users (using userinst.exe)?
    - Is the same user account that did the installation of IM being used to also install WAS?

    Scott Johnston
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