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I have a TSM 6.2.1 Server. With a disk, Onsite and Offsite Storage Pools. We do not have Collocation enable. Recently we done some test at our DR site, One of the test was to restore a server from incrementals, I had to call back about 31 tapes for this restore, just to discover that one of the tapes are damaged. Is there a way to create a second copy of the onsite tapes and send it away with my offsites. Offsites span over a wider range than the onsites. Or so you have any other ideas to protect my data alot better.
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    The best thing to do is to turn on the DR option and allow TSM to make and "offsite" copy. However, I would advise that you turn on reclamation as it will drastically shrink the amount of tapes necessary to keep all of your data offsite. Think of it as collocation for your offsite tapes.