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Pinned topic TBSM compatibility of interfaces

‏2011-07-19T17:09:54Z |
Question: Would it be easier for you to upgrade your Business Service Management solution if TBSM provided
compatibility with your applications or customizations that rely on TBSM's interfaces
  • for one release without deprecation , and
  • for an additional 2 releases or 3 years (whichever is longer) after deprecation?

A release is a major release - the R in V.R.M (version, release, modification).
A BSM solution may include components such as TBSM, OMNIbus, Impact, TADDM, etc.

Example: If you are at TBSM 4.1, would it be easier for you to upgrade
  • to any of the next 3 releases, say TBSM 4.2, if all the customizations or applications you developed using TBSM 4.1 interfaces still worked?
  • and, when an interface was changed incompatibility, if you were given a deprecation notice with replacement interface at least 2 releases or 3 years (whichever is longer) before the interface is removed?
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