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Pinned topic java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: mqjbnd05 - JD Edwards Integration using MQ

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Hello Everybody,
I am trying to integrate JD Edwards E1 (JDE) with an external WMS system using IBM MQ. JDE uses JNDI configuration parameters, setup on Websphere application server to write to MQ. The JDE component that generates the messages : Transaction Server, runs on a WAS instance.

I have the following setup :

MQ Queue Manager : QM_IN_AIR_JDEWS, Running on port 1414

WAS Config :
Provider : Websphere MQ Messaging Provider
Queue Connection Factory :RTE_TEST_QUEUE3QCF (JNDI Name : jms/RTE_TEST_QUEUE3QCF)
Queue Name : RTE_TEST_QUEUE3 (JNDI Name : jms/RTE_TEST_QUEUE3)

When executing the transaction, I can see the error message below in JD Edwards Transaction Server Logs :

" Throwable Occurs while sending the event Failed to send Event to Esb Subscriber PKHELJAD with the following Queue Details. Please check the values and try again http://ContextFactory -corbaloc:iiop:IN-AIR-JDEWS:2813/NameServiceServerRootconFactJNDI -jms/RTE_TEST_QUEUE3QCFqueueName -jms/RTE_TEST_QUEUE3[userName -kurTvFkOjhw=exception :mqjbnd05 (Not found in java.library.path) java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: mqjbnd05 (Not found in java.library.path) "

Also, would I need to configure WAS App Server to include references to the Websphere MQ server ? Or configuring the Queue Connection Factory and Queues with JNDI names would be enough ?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Prasad Kheljade
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    Re: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: mqjbnd05 - JD Edwards Integration using MQ


    If your WAS and queue manager are running on the same physical/virtual machine then you need to set up your native library path in WAS. For WAS version 7 instructions on how to do this are here: If you are using WAS V6.* then you need to set the MQ_INSTALL_ROOT environment variable, search for that in the information center.

    If your queue manager is not running on the same physical machine then you need to change the connection factory settings to use client mode connections and not bindings.

    Regards, Matt.