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Pinned topic SIP Cluster without WAS SIP Proxy

‏2011-07-11T16:29:55Z |
Hello All,

We'd like to use dmgr, CIP/CIM and clusters just for deployment management and monitoring without any HA and load balancing that SIP proxy and SIP cluster routing suggest.

We routed the messages to specific app servers (like stand alone servers) from F5 instead of WAS SIP Proxy that route requests to specific cluster.

Your insight/directions would be appreciated.
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    Re: SIP Cluster without WAS SIP Proxy


    When a WAS SIP server is in a cluster, it will require a WAS SIP Proxy in order to function correctly.
    The HA and replication can be disabled in the cluster, but at least one WAS SIP Proxy MUST be affiliated with the cluster, and all SIP traffic MUST flow through it.