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Pinned topic Problem when verifying the installation of the Discovery Library Toolkit

‏2011-07-11T06:56:19Z |
after i have installed the Discovery Library Toolkit on TBSM 4.2.1 ,i have followed the step to verify the installation task as documentation URL ""

resources in the Service Component Repository view don't appear,then i check the log files as suggested in this document and there are no any errors shown in all of the log files.
Has anyone ever met this kind of problem? Could you please suggest me?
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    Re: Problem when verifying the installation of the Discovery Library Toolkit


    One of the 4.2.1 IF's added a check for templates. If they're not found, the toolkit writes a message to the log and shuts down.

    The URL links to 4.2.1 FP2... though your post suggests you're at 4.2.1 GA. This is an important distinction in that it determines the behavior resulting if the templates are not found. If on GA, according to the developer you should:

    • windows: type BSM_TemplateUpdates421IF0002.radsh | %TBSM_HOME%\bin\rad_radshell
    • Unix: cat BSM_TemplateUpdates421IF0002.radsh | $TBSM_HOME/bin/rad_radshell
    • stop/start the toolkit
    • give it a minute to initialize
    • -e reload_cdm_definitions.xml

    On the other hand, if your environment is actually 4.2.1 FP2, and it's not a missing templates issue, check if the log shows the book being read/processed. If not resolved by loading the templates, you may want to go ahead and open a PMR.

    • Michael