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Pinned topic JS22 QMI2472 which Qlogic firmware ?

‏2011-07-01T00:13:03Z |
Trying to confirm which is the most recent valid firmware package for my JS22 QMI2472 (f/w 4.00.24 qlogic fibre channel card.

Under Fix Central, IBM have a few options, most recent listed -

Jun 28, 2011 Multiboot Update Package for QLogic FC Expansion Cards JS Naming convention f5.03.09-b2.09-e2.27 qlgc_fw_fc_0314-50309_AIX-bc

But it reports hardware support for
* Supports QMI2572/QMI3572/QMI2582

is this also valid for my card QMI2472 ?

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    Re: JS22 QMI2472 which Qlogic firmware ?

    Just in case some one is seaching for the QMI2472 QLOGIC 4Gb FC HBA

    The lasted link which worked for me was

    4Gb Expansion Card BIOS v2.04, FCode v2.04, Firmware v4.00.27-Class 2, Multiboot version 1.49.

    and go to "4Gb Fibre Channel Expansion Card Drivers & ROM Image"

    On redbooks is also an update guide for the HBA

    In case you use AIX on the JS12/JS22 you can update the firmware via the following example:
    ( I would suggest a reboot afterwards )

    #Download the file to /etc/microcode directory on the given node.   # Determine current microcode level lsmcode -r -d fcs0   # Install the update diag -c -d fcs0 -T
    "download -l latest -f"   # Verifiy the update lsmcode -r -d fcs0   # Repeate the procedure 
    for every QMI2472  hba   Note: * The result from a lsmode should be equal to the file name. * To determine the type of a HBA execute   lsdev -F name | grep ^fcs | xargs -n1 -I
    } lscfg -vpl 
    } | grep -iE