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‏2011-06-29T03:59:21Z |
I have to verify email address provided by the user ie, aplkcation sends email to user email address , which has a link on clicking the link I update the field in database that the email address is valid, this is a common feature for any kind of email verification, is the any open source project for this? Is there any API available which I can customize and use it?
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  • Mauri_Claudio
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    Re: email verification

    With 'email verification' do you mean checking if the provided address actually exists, or only checking if the address is well formed ? In this last case, you can try regular expressions.. on web, you'll find a lot of examples you can use.
    To check if an email address really exists, the only way I can think to it's to search for an SMTP Java api which may let you to work with SMTP protocol at a very low level.. as far as I know, if you TELNET to an SMTP server and try to issue a SEND TO:<unexistent alias>, mail server may reply with something like 'Unknow alias'. But a mail server may even discard your request silently, if a target mail address doesn't exist, to avoid SPAM attacks (at least, I've seen mail servers behaving this way); I think the best way is to send a mail to provided address, including a 'confirmation URL' that user must click on to confirm validity of email provided.

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    Re: email verification


    Check the first link about using SMTP validation it will most likely get you black listed.
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    Re: email verification

    It might be a problem of encoding. I don't how the email class manage encoding. Does your other template email display accents?

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    Re: email verification

    As far as i know,There are no standalone component for this functionality."Jforum" has this kind of function, you can download their source code and then extract what you want.

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