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‏2011-06-28T13:32:01Z |

we're very confused about TSAM and managing the virtual machines........
Our organization use CloudBurst 2.1 with TSAM and VMware ESXi 4.1. We have CB 2.1 prepared package from IBM for SLES 10. VMware vCenter Client can manage virtual servers deployed from CB and we can access this server's GUI from console tab. TSAM haven't console access to the deployed server in VMware environment. We can only stop, start, restart, save image, but if we want to access the server GUI - there is no way. We use putty and manage the server, but this is not decision for problem with the GUI. Other way is RDP, but this is not a integrated solution. Can anybody help with some explanation of the problem. We can't find anywhere info about this feature for TSAM - may be this is not supported.

Thanks in advance.