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Pinned topic ajaxFileUpload not working in Chrome and Firefox

‏2011-06-28T09:47:05Z |
Hi all,
I am using $.ajaxFileUpload to upload the files in my MVC application.I worked in IE8,IE9 but not working in google chrome.

This is my code pls check it and let me know anything i missed out

url: 'ManageEmployeeDocuments',
secureuri: false,
fileElementId: 'employeeDocumentsId',
dataType: 'text/html',
success: function (data, status) {
// we are manually adding the form tag again because it gets deleted when we post once using the ajaxuploadjquery
$("#EmployeeDocuments").html('<form method="post" id="employeeDocumentsId" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="/">' + data);
error: function (data, status, e) {