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Pinned topic Error when searching in Communities

‏2011-06-28T00:17:29Z |
Hi there.

I went into the Community Wikis area. Did a search for "exchange" in the Connections search box next to Public Wikis (not the "Search developerworks" box, the one below it) and get the error shown in the screenshot. Tried with Firefox 5 as well as Chrome.
Search fail

I then changed the scope of the search to "all my developerWorks" and did a search for "test". I got a different error back, shown in the following screenshot:
Search fail 2

As all IBM employees know, we use Lotus Connections internally and it works fine with these searches. So, my questions:

1) Is there a system status page showing current outages on developerWorks? I checked on the internal helpdesk outages page but they don't show any developerWorks stuff.
2) Is this a known issue?
3) Should I be submitting this outage report somewhere else other than this forum?

Thanks and regards
Wayne Lockhart
IBM Initiate | Phoenix, AZ
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  • amidewar
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    Re: Error when searching in Communities

    There is a known issue with search right now. Our technical team is working to correct this as soon as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Ami Dewar
    IBM developerWorks
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    Re: Error when searching in Communities

    Hi Wayne,

    I have forwarded this issue to the appropriate engineers. So if it was not a known issue before, it is now. We do not have a status page. Reporting through this forum is perfect, thank for taking the time to do so. Someone will post back when we have it resolved.

    John Holtman
    developerWorks Team
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Error when searching in Communities

    Thanks Ami and John!