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Pinned topic How do you move SQL Anywhere as part of a server move?

‏2011-06-21T19:29:37Z |
I have to consolidate some hardware and I need to relocate both my project files and my SQL Anywhere instance. I've found a couple of links describing how to copy and edit the project files, but I haven't found the details of creating the new SQL Anywhere service instance to point to the relocated datastore. What is the part of the SQL Anywhere service creation that maps the name of the SQL Anywhere service to the project? In reading it states in step 3 that the name of the SQL Anywhere service should be entered in the Server Name field when creating a project, but for my current configuration, the Server Name field is just the hostname of the system where SQL Anywhere is configured. Is the fact that I happen to have only one SQL Anywhere service on this system providing the association between the SQL Anywhere service and the Rational project? None of the .dat files in the project include the name of my SQL Anywhere service.

Thanks in advance