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Pinned topic Unable to update text search index for a huge database

‏2011-06-21T10:30:46Z |
I'm trying to use DB2 Text Search with DB2 9.7 on Windows
I tried creating and updating indexes on a sample database for text search and it works fine.
However, on increasing the number of rows in table between 25000 to 50000 rows , updating index for text search is giving issues.
It takes a lot of time and ends up with the following error:

SQL20427N An error occurred during a text search administration procedure or co
mmand. The error message is "CIE00341 Update index errors. See event view "SYSIB

In the event view the error message is as:
CIE00701 Internal error. Location: "1080", "2". CIE00701 Internal error. Location: "1084", "2".

What can be a possible solution to it .. ?Does it need some configuration changes.. ?
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    Re: Unable to update text search index for a huge database

    Hi, the first check is to review the TCP/IP settings, as depending on the system those might be insufficient. A description how to check/set those is on

    If those settings are all fine, then it might be a memory/queue related issue and there are multiple configuration settings that can play a role here. Their usage differs depending on the version, can you therefore please provide the OS, the DB2 fixpack, and the version from the for the textserver?