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Pinned topic Cannot ping to data port & about initializing appliance

‏2011-03-01T16:26:24Z |
Hi all, I am having trouble pinging to data port. I was able to before, so I dont think it is problem with pc. The things Ive done to appliance since the installation are deploying and running projects and rebooting the system. I have checked appliance status by using 'net' and 'system'  from CLI but pretty much everything seem to be fine. All the services were up and port is set OK. I restarted network and rebooted the system as well but didnt work out. I also made sure my cables arent pluged off. Can anybody think any solution to this problem? and since I started to think that initializing appliance is the only way left, it would be very helpful if somebody could give me instruction to do it.
thanks and regards