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Pinned topic Ability to perform automatic backups on the VM / appliance?

‏2011-01-17T19:51:58Z |
We are intrested in best practices for backing up the applicance.
 Our appliance is implemented on our farm of virtual machines. We booked a case and got infomed that there was a "System limitation".
RESOLUTION: PER-832 is logged for this issue. It will be considered to fix in next major version.
 In the end we want to insure from an technology administration standpoint that we have a solid backup plan in in place.
 We can back up individual orchestartions. There are also internal database tables in the applicance that are part of the orcestration that might pertain should we have to restore our system after catastropic failure.
 What are other companies doing to insure a reasonable backup plan is in place.