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Pinned topic update appliance license - solved!

‏2010-11-09T01:20:03Z |
When I log into WMC, a popup window shows "The Integration Appliance has been upgraded to a new OS version that requires
connector licenses. However, no connector licenses have been installed.

" Please choose either Automatically install licenses or Manually download and install licenses.
I tried using Automatically install, a returned message says "The Integration Appliance was unable to download connector licenses from
the Cast Iron licensing server.
when i try Manually download and install, I am able to download a file called "CastIron-ConnectorLicenses-xxxxxxx." and I save the file and click next, it returns an error says "The selected file isn't a valid Cast Iron License Upgrade file. Please select a valid file."
what am I missing? 
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    update ----- issue is solved

    issue is solved by castiron tech support.
    ROOT CAUSE: The WMC was not able to communicate with maestro and hence
    prompted the license issue. Maestro was not running properly because
    most likely var/log was at 100%

    RESOLUTION: Cleared the issue by clearing the /var/log partition manually