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Hej All,
Is there any possibility/trick to generate web service context information?
I have a web service and would like to provide the context information, but I only get wsdl file but NOT context information.
e.g. http://ApplicanceDataIP:Port/mywebservice
always returns the following message.
Web Services
No JAX-WS context information available.
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    How to find the URL

    Here’s how to find the exact address of a “Provide Service” endpoint:

    1. Create the endpoint
    a. Create a new WebService Endpoint
    b. Specify the Provide Option
    c. Specify a meaningful name of the Path, in this instance “CIMockSaveErrors”

    2. Upload the project to the target Machine
    3. Ensure you have the address correct, using the following formula:

    http://:Port if not 80/Path Value/Orchestration Name/Version of Project?WSDL


    If you increment the version number, this will change the address that the service will be hosted at.

    4. Enter this value into a web browser and ensure you get the wsdl for the service that you expect

    5. I recently found that if you specify value/value2 in the Path location, this will override the Orchestration name portion

    Hope that Helps,