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Pinned topic custom script erro in Virtual Appliance

‏2010-02-17T19:37:58Z |
i have a custom script in an orchestration the WORKS when testing in Cast Iron Studio.
the script adds 1 day to the current dateTime built-in function. the strings get formatted correctly using Format Date String and Read date String functions.
d1 = new Date(InDate);
d1.setDate(d1.getDate() + 1);
return d1.toUTCString();
however, when the VA tries running the orcestration, the mapping fails with the eror below
Exception in map activity: java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Invalid Date"
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    Do you have null dates?

    If you have empty or null dates, then you should add in the following check before you execute the Date() function:
    if(InDate == null || InDate.length == 0)
        return "";
    In fact, it's always good to add this check to all custom functions you write to prevent unexpected exceptions.
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