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Pinned topic EBS R12 Order History UI Mashup TIP

‏2009-08-03T23:46:05Z |
I just uploaded a TIP to the repository that will allow you to integrate EBS R12 Order History with your favorite SaaS or web application. This is a mash up so the integration is only at the UI level and so data is not actually being sync'd. If using CRM OD or, you can add an iFrame to your Account Details page to view the EBS Order History every time you pull up an account. The TIP has re-usable components that can be leveraged to create other Mashups.
The TIP was generated with version so you'll need to upgrade your Studio if you haven't already done so. Search for "mashup".
Feedback is appreciated. Do you see Mashups being useful? 
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    Very Useful

    I see these as being very useful.  How interactive can we make them?  In this TIP you're listing out an order history.  How difficult would it be to drilldown into order details?