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Pinned topic Microsoft Dynamics CRM TIPS and PIPS

‏2009-01-29T20:31:07Z |
   We are close to implementing Cast Iron with MSCRM.  On the web site, they discuss all of the MS CRM TIPS and PIPS out there (have a screen shot of many, such as CRM to Great Plains, EBS to CRM, etc), but when I search, none of those are out there.  All of the TIPS and PIPS are MS CRM and Salesforce.  Does anyone know where these may be, or were they ever out there?  We are integrating with a ERP system on DB2, so Salesforce does not help much.  The "T00" numbers also do not match (CRM to Great Plains was T0066, but that does not match the current TIPS and PIPS).  Any help is appreciated.
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    MS Dynamics connector?

    I keep hearing talk that there is a connector to Dynamics, but I don't see it the release, and I cannot find a TIP for it.
    Does the connector or TIP exist?