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I've been using the CI appliance for about 6 months for integrating our legacy inter/intranet apps with Salesforce.  I'd spend alot of time searching the documentation and knowledge base trying to find best practices, hints, tips, samples but always came up empty.
It wasnt until today that I finally looked into what this PIP / TIP business was all about and much to my surprise its a repository of exactly what I was looking for....albeit 6 months late.
If you're unsure of what a PIP or a TIP is as I was until just moments ago I've included the text for the Studio documentation.  If you're just beginning your integration work take a look as I'm sure you'll find something useful.

Searching for PIPs and TIPs

Pre-packaged Integration Projects (PIPs) and Template Integration Projects (TIPs) reside in a central repository at Cast Iron Systems. Through the Configuration Wizard, the PIPs and TIPs guide you through the configuration steps for an integration scenario. You can download these PIPs and TIPs to your local machine. You must be a registered user to access the Cast Iron Solutions  Repository.
If you are not a registered user, submit a request at:

To search for PIPs and TIPs:

  1. From the Solutions menu, select Search For PIPs and TIPs. The Login window displays.

  2. Enter user name and password.
    You can specify default login settings for the central repository in the Preferences dialog.

  3. Click OK. The Search window displays and a confirmation message displays in the lower right-hand corner of the main Studio window.

  4. Choose Keywords or Filter as the method by which you want to search for PIPs or TIPs.

    • If you select the Keywords search option, the Keywords field displays


      1. Enter a search keyword.

      2. Click Go. The results display in theResults table and a "Searching ... completed" message displays at the bottom of the Search window.

        For example:
        If you enter the keyword USECASES, all PIPs and TIPs under the USECASES category in the PIP Repository are returned.

    • If you select Filter search option, the filter options display: Source Endpoint, Target Endpoint, Integration Patterns, and Searchable Keywords.

      1. You must specify a value for at least one filter option. The options drop-drop lists provide valid values.

      2. ClickQuery. The results display in theResults table and a "Searching ... completed" message displays at the bottom of the Search window.

  2. In theResults table, select a PIP or TIP. The details for the project display below in the details section.

  3. ClickDownload. The Select directory where to save the  PIP or TIP window displays.

  4. Specify the download directory and click Open. The project is saved to the directory you specified and Studio opens the Configuration Wizard for the project.

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    RE: Insert Forehead Smack Here

    Hey Chris,
    Do let us know if there is a TIP that you'd like to see up there... we will add it to our queue if we can. Shortly we will have the ability for end users such as yourself to create and upload TIPs to the repository!
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    Hi Chris, Where can I find

    Hi Chris,
    Where can I find the "Solutions" menu? I guess I got lost there.
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    the Soultions menu exists

    the Soultions menu exists inside of Studio.  I just checked and apparently it wasn't introduced until 4.0.  If you're using an earlier version you wont see it.
    You can install newer versions of Studio side by side with older versions on your local workstation.  You'll still be able to develop in your production version but test the new stuff.
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<SMACK>>>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm on the look out for anything that can help us with a Domino -> Dynamics CRM 2011 synchronisation. I will post this separately but just thought I'd contribute something to the tumbleweeds on here...:)