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Pinned topic Webex - charging for API licence - is this right????

‏2011-01-04T16:14:31Z |

We are using webex to deliver remote training support, and I need to get the data from Webex back to our data warehouse - to date we have used a standard webex csv report and then done SSIS processing from the file, a rather error-prone process - so I want to use Cast Iron to access their web services interface - Cast Iron is promoted as integrating to Webx and there are some existing TIPs  that have a webex endpoint. Webex BV are now telling me that "....please be informed that if you would like to integrate WebEx services with an application that is not a WebEx Integrated Partner, then you must sign the addendum to have the API integrated to Cast Iron and the annual price for this feature will be GBP £549 to GBP £1,373 per annum."Is this anyone else's experience? I am struggling to understand why I have to pay this licence in addition to our regular Webex enterprise licence and the cost of the Cast Iron licence....... any advice appreciated - Jack