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Pinned topic Web Service Utility to manage poll times and error logging onto salesforce

‏2009-11-20T22:20:54Z |
This is a utility web service that allows diffeent functionality to support polling activities from a database, web service or any other system. It exposs 3 different operations:
 a) Get Last Run
b) Set Last Run
c) Error Logger.
It is currently designed to store the time stamps and error logs in a custom Salesforce object. But it can be easily alered to store it on any other system. The structure of the salesforce object can be deduced from the Salesforce activities that reference the corresponding object.  You can use this web service in your orchestrations by invoking the appropriate operation.
 You can generate the value of the ProcessName parameter by concatenating the Orchestartion_Name and Project_Name. Make sure to retrieve the current time in a variable at the time of calling the Get Last Run Time operation so that there is no lag between the retrieve time and the time that is written to the persisting system when calling Set Last Run Time.