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Attached are two RightNow reports in a zip file that show how to list the most recently updated contacts and organizations. Save them to your desktop.

To import the reports:
1) In the RightNow UI, open the Analytics page
2) Click the icon to create a new report
3) Select the radio button to import an existing report
4) Select the appropriate report file
5) Follow the instructions to complete the process

After importing and saving the reports, they will show up in you "My Reports" tab of the Report Browser. In the menu above the list of reports, there is an option to choose the fields to display. Choose the checkbox to display the report ID. The ID displayed is the value you must provide in the ac_id in the search request, and the parameters required for the report are passed as individual items in the args field (using expand occurrences or a default value).
These reports only retrieve the Id and last modified dates; you can choose to return more data by modifying the imported report, or you can leave the report as is, and pass the retrieved Ids to the Get API (where supported).
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    Steps to make RightNow extract from scratch

    Sample project and steps to create and use a report from scratch, based on the approach described above.  Also includes example of using Get to retrieve a full Contact object.
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    This link is broken. Please fix or remove post. Thank you.