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‏2010-08-02T22:00:16Z |
I'm running a job that will eventually update 1.2M records in SalesForce.  This orchestration is set to run in batches of 200.
 The question about the WMC on the Dashboard page... specifically the Jobs detail at the bottom of the screen.
 As the orchestrations are executed, I'm seeing individual lines pop u pthat say "Completed in 2.37s", etc... each has a time (When) and an ID (Key/Job ID).
The question is... are each of these line items pertaining to a completed instance of the orchestration?  Or is each one a single record in the orchestration?  Will I see a total of 1.2M completed jobs?  Or will I see 6000 completed jobs (1.2M / 200)?
Chris Antoniak
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    When an orchestration is


    When an orchestration is executed in the WMC job details page, you see the details for each activity in the orchestration for the particular job. From your post description it is not clear how the orchestration is written to update
    If the ‘Update Object’ activity is configured to update a batch of 200 records to  and it is with in a loop activity, you see only one job, with 6000 times the activates in the loop activity getting executed. However, the disk space allocated to store the job details information is limited, so after few iterations the details will not be shown in WMC.