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We have a use-case which requires Adobe Flex to make a webservice call to Cast Iron to retrieve some data. Adobe Flex requires existence of crossdomain.xml file on Cast Iron server for it to make successful call.
Is this file available on the Cast Iron server? If not...can I have Cast Iron add this file on our Cast Iron server?

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    I need clarity on your request. Webservices are isolated bits of functionality. If you created a Webservice which is using some schema found in a file called crossdomain.xml, then you need to make sure your namespace path is correct.
    I am not sure what Adobe Flex is, but again, if the Flex system needs the file, then you should host it on one of your webservers, and reference it from there.
    What is the actual error message you are getting? 
    Looking for clarity on your problem,
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    Adobe Flex requires cross-doamin policy file


    The cross-domain policy file tag <allow-http-request-headers-from> allows a remote domain to accept specific headers sent from Flash Player. A site that wishes to permit receipt of the Authorization header from a SWF file on another domain must include the tag in its crossdomain.xml file. For example, if a remote domain would like to grant permission to a SWF file hosted on to send it an Authorization header, its cross-domain policy file may look like the following:


                <?xml version="1.0"?>


                <!DOCTYPE cross-domain-policy SYSTEM "</span>">




                <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="</span><a href="">" headers="Authorization"/>