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Pinned topic RAM too high even after a reboot

‏2010-01-14T04:27:11Z |
Hi All,
In, we experienced a high RAM (74%) and decided to reboot hoping that the RAM would drop considerably. After the reboot, it dropped to 46% and then rose to 52%. No jobs were running at this time.
Any thoughts, please? Is this serious enough that we need to escalate to support? What is an optimum % of RAM to be conidered "ok"?
We want to ensure that the high RAM (or any other number which we did not check) does not pose an issue to the scheduled loads which processing heavy volume (70-80,000 records in 9 hrs).
Thanks in advance!
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    Probably not a concern

    It is normal for the RAM in use to be fairly high.  A number of processes reserve memory for future use, which makes the %RAM in the Hardware Status page of the WMC look artifically high even after a reboot.  Later versions of the product have a chart on the dashboard that show three statistics which are more meaningful for understanding the health of the system.  The statistics are:
    • GC Activity: Number of garbage collections recently performed by the processing engine.  Occassional garbage collections are acceptable, but should not exceed about 6-8 per minute.
    • %Memory Used: Of the total amount of memory that has been specifically allocated to the processing engine, this is how much was available at the end of the last garbage collection.

    • %Disk Used: Represents the portion of the disk where active jobs, job logs, and job variable history are stored.  Job logs sometimes need to be purged to free disk space, and the performance of the system can be impacted while the purging is taking place.