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Pinned topic Panagon Desktop, Citrix and stamps

‏2011-06-20T10:13:51Z |

Our users use Panagon Desktop in Citrix virtual desktops. We have a problem with FileNet "stamps" annotations:
On normal PC, stamps are stored in the Windows registry below HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileNet\IDM\DisplayOCX\AnnoCtl\StampCtl.

We have two Citrix installation: the test one and the production one.
In test, the annotations are stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FileNet\IDM\DisplayOCX\AnnoCtl\StampCtl (like notmal PC). This is what we want: our requirements is that each user has his own annotations and annotations between different users do not interfere.
However, in the Citrix production servers, for a reason we cannot explain, the stamps are stored in *HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE*\SOFTWARE\FileNet\IDM\DisplayOCX\AnnoCtl\StampCtl. That means that users see annotations created by the other users who are accessing to the same Citrix server.

Is there a parameter to change the location where the stamps are saved ?

Thank you