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‏2011-06-19T15:04:12Z |
I am submitting data to a DB from eforms. I have a cell that has a drop down option of 'draft' and 'final'.

I want to restrict DB submission when the option is changed to 'final'

Is there a way to code this on the data submission window that contains sql to submit data?
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    Re: Data Submission

    When you configure the submit a "Submit" button will appear automatically on the eForm toolbar when it is deployed and configured with a workflow or document policy. The policy wizard lets you hide this button. You can then replace it with a custom button controlled by a JavaScript - added to the policy wizard - that queries the form cell for the appropriate value and performs the submit if valid. Alternatively, you can configure a button on the form itself that does the same thing, but the script would be embedded in the form if you did it this way. If you use a button in the form, you can disable the button until the field value is set to "final". The JavaScript should be the same or nearly identical regardless of which method you select.