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Pinned topic Restricting who can create pools and lanes in Business Process diagrams

‏2011-06-17T17:32:05Z |
We want to restrict users assigned a specific role from being able to add or modify pools and lanes in business process diagrams. Currently the symbols "Pool" and "Lane" are defined by definition "BPMN Pools and Lanes", which we renamed from definition "Participant".

We created a role with permission to definition "BPMN Pools and Lanes" restricted to READ ONLY. We thought these users assigned to the restricted role would not be able to create new pools and lanes. However, these users still can create pools and lanes in business process diagrams by dragging and dropping the pool or lane diagram in the drawing tool. All that the role restriction did was keep these users from defining the pool or lane by records in the definition "BPMN Pools and Lanes". These new pools and lanes then became orphan records. This is not an acceptable result.

Is there a way we can restrict certain users from being able to create new pools or lanes in business process diagrams? Thanks for the help!

Our current software version is Rational System Architec, build 624.