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Pinned topic WAS7 to WAS8 migration cookie issue

‏2011-06-16T18:23:47Z |
i am migrating an application from was7 to was8. part of that app contains a 3rd party app that handles/parses all web service requests. once moved to was8, i noticed that this app was not handling cookie correctly. here is what cookie format looks like in was7 and was8:

was 7: JSESSIONID=0000im5-tNMZXzN3_xnZtNjGMsL:-1; Path=/
was 8 beta: JSESSIONID=0000tupWAwH9627xpTgVIkfKZYr:-1; Comment=SessionManagement; Path=/; HttpOnly

it is the presence of "Comment=SessionManagement" entry that is giving it problems. so i was wondering if there is a way to modify cookie format in was8 via some config file or perhaps its console? thanks!
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    Re: WAS7 to WAS8 migration cookie issue

    Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the Comment section from the session cookie in the WebSphere Application Server beta product. Are you sure it is the Comment field? That is a valid field as per the RFC. You can disable the HTTPOnly field in the admin console on the following page: Application servers > serverName > Session management > Cookies.