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Pinned topic CTS 4.2 and Websphere

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Hi there - just after a wee bit clarification.
The documentation for CTS 4.2 states that it supports Websphere 6.1 and above.
We have applications using Websphere boxes with back levels of the software, connecting to CTG V7.1 on z/os, and then into CICS. I am presuming that this will all still work, as the connection to CICS is from CTG and not Websphere?
Where we will have problems is where any of these back level websphere boxes connect directly into CICS? Be it through the local CTG within Websphere, or an EXCI connection? At this point in time, we are not sure if we have this set-up, so complex is our environment - but we just wanted to gain clarity.
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    Re: CTS 4.2 and Websphere

    If you are using the CTG to provide connectivity to CICS TS (either as a local CTG or a remote Gateway) then you should refer to the CICS TG support site

    The CICS TS support site you mention documents support for direct connectivity to CICS via RMI(EJB) and Web Services.

    Phil Wakelin, IBM Hursley